Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DJ's that could save your life: Murray Richardson

It's over 15 years (I think) since I first spoke to the high energy, Spurs loving, deep house devotee that is Murray Richardson. Back then untitledmusic was just a low budget fanzine that got dropped off in some the finest record shops in the land, and Murray had obviously picked one up and got in touch.

I'm not really sure what we blabbed about now, music, clubs, Dj'ing, footie. It was to be another couple of years until I had the pleasure of experiencing Rebel Waltz in the City Cafe, Edinburgh - the energy was there, the tunes were top and a life long friendship cemented (remember me Muzza!?) Ha!

In the years since Murray won Musik Magazine's Bedroom Bedlam, and from there it just went global. Murray has spread his talent with guest spots all over the world, playing in some major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, Moscow, Johannesburg, Capetown, Munich, Warsaw, Bogota, Madrid, Paris, Verona, Ibiza, Brussels, Belgrade, Tiblisi, Tokyo, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Malmo, Helsinki, Zagreb, Sydney and Melbourne, to name just a few.

Murray Richardson - Risky Old School Business DJ Mix by BakerStreetRecordings

Now I can prove we know each other cause I got a credit on one of his many releases - which considering Murray loves his deeper house have been an real move towards a more techy style. Originally recording as “H.O.W.Project”. for "Finiflex" records,the first release, "Listen Carefully", marked the start of his collaboration with John Vick [ex–Finitribe].

Murray’s debut solo recording was picked up by Clive Henry and Rocky’s London based label “Low Pressings”, with the track getting a full international release. “We Came In Peace” by “Spacejunk” kick started his solo production career and Murray has gone on to work with some of house music's best labels including "20:20 Vision", "Low Pressings", "Creative", "Nordic Trax", "Magnitude", "Strawberry Blonde", "Deepxperience" and "Sensei" records as well as two of Spain’s most important house labels. “D.Press Industries” and "Deepbass" records. Murray also compiled his first mix compilation cd entitled "House Of ill Repute" which was released on the internationally known “Kickin” records.

His latest release is out now on Baker Street and for me rates as some of his best!

Murray Richardson - Risky Business by BakerStreetRecordings

So, keep your eyes peeled around the world for your chance to catch Murray and Rebel Waltz cohort DJ Stuart Patterson (Faith/London) and check out what's made Murray the DJ he is today!

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